About The Host

Dr Damiloju Adeyina

Dr Damiloju Adeyina is the mind behind Uphill.

Dr. Damiloju who holds a PhD in Engineering is the Co-founder of Morks Reid global an engineering consultancy and is also currently the Technical Manager at the New Zealand Green Building Council. She is a multi-skilled entrepreneur, certified image consultant, fashion designer, creative and speaker. Dr. Damiloju also holds a diploma in psychology and is fascinated by the relationship between the human mind, behaviour and life outcomes.

Dr. Damiloju is passionate about helping people improve and transform their lives. Over the years, her coaching, mentorship and events have influenced and helped individuals begin and continue their growth and transformation journey, which range from building a personal brand to launching a thriving business. Her core skills include problem solving, creative thinking and dynamic leadership.

Dr. Damiloju is an avid learner and continues to expand her knowledge on matters relating to finance, investing, relationship, business, personal branding and other related topics. As she continues on her journey of growth and transformation, she is committed to helping as many individuals as possible to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

Let’s go on this journey of growth and transformation together, let’s go UPHILL!

Why should you join Dr Damiloju?

Proven Track Record

Dr Damiloju has guided numerous individuals and businesses towards remarkable growth and achievement. Her expertise is backed by tangible results and client testimonials.

Tailored Guidance

Dr Damiloju understands that every individual is unique, which is why she provides personalized coaching and tailored strategies to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

Reliable Support

As a trusted partner, Dr Damiloju is dedicated to providing unwavering support to her clients. She serves as a reliable source of information, motivation, guidance, and accountability.

Speaking & Events

I deliver talks & masterclass on Topics that include: Self-development, Personal branding, Vision, Growth, Take Action Now, Face your fear, Maximise your potential and More